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All the hobbies in one place

The main purpose of this site is to document the various handicraft projects I've done or am currently working on. Besides handicrafts, my other two hobbies, namely gaming and snowboarding also have their own space here. :)


A place to put all the projects...

For some time I've wanted to have a place where I could document the projects I've done or am working on. While I've had pictures up in Picasa, I wanted to also have more or less detailed explanations of what I had done. Partly to remind myself, partly so that others can maybe learn from my mistakes. And a tiny part of me also wants to brag a bit. x)

Not a blog

My friend strilla suggested starting a blog, since they are very easy to start, unlike a web site, which requires some effort to get it going. The big con in my mind is that all the blogs I've seen are organized by posting date. And I just can't see that working when I want to document something I've done 5+ years ago. I also like to have all the info related to a certain project in one place, which would make adding tags a nightmare before too long. And I have never seen a blog I could easily read from the oldest post to the newest. Without having to scroll back and forth all the time...

Own site

Since I already had space from Kapsi, I decided I'd try making a site myself. I did not want to start from scratch though. Late had already used a template from Andreas Viklund, so I checked out the different templates available from his site. Ultimately I just liked the most the one Late had also chosen, but at least it has been updated somewhat and I used a different color scheme. :)

Upgrading to PHP

The first version of this site had static menus, but as I added the other hobbies and more handicraft projects, it became pretty obvious that having to update every single page every time I started some new project was not working. So I learned some PHP and made scripts for the menu generation. Now I only need to update one file when adding anything to have the menu update in every page. :)

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