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because life is too boring without games

Games in my shelf

Start of the gaming career

My first games were Q*bert and Pacman on my father's new computer in 1986, when I was 4 years old. I've been told I couldn't even reach the keyboard on my own, and had to sit in my father's lap to play.

Onwards to gaming consoles

Few years later (probably 1990) I got an 8-bit Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. I still have that NES and it worked the last time I tried. I also got all the original games like The Legend of Zelda 2 and Star Wars. That Star Wars game was actually my first contact with Star Wars. My father rented the films bit after we got the game as, while it sort of follows the very first movie, it does not make much sense if you haven't actually seen the film. :) Been a fan ever since.

Back to PC

In 1993 or 1994 my father bought a new computer. It was a 468DX2-50 and with it we played games like X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Our first joystick was impossible to calibrate, so you had to keep moving the stick all the time, just to fly anywhere close to straight. x)

New consoles, more PCs

In 1997 my parents bought a Playstation, mainly for my sister, but obviously I played with it too. Computer got upgraded to a 500MHz Pentium 3 in 2000 and the PSX to a PS2 in 2001. I moved out in early 2003 and had to buy my own computer and PS2. Have upgraded the computer a few times since then and bough several new consoles (Nintendos, all of them x) ) too.

So basically I've been playing computer and console games for over 20 years, even if I only start counting from getting that NES. :)

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