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Handicraft projects

I am into handicrafts, as it is quite rewarding to make something useful for yourself or for others. My two main areas are knitting and sewing. Sewing is definitely my favorite of the two, though overall I guess I've had more less-than-hoped-for results in my sewing projects than in knitting projects. Then again it is usually much easier to frog a knitting project gone wrong, than it is to make whole a fabric already cut wrong. :)

Most of my knitting projects have been small, I've made probably a dozen pairs of mittens and half a dozen pairs of socks. I actually used to hate knitting socks, but after I found out about toe-up-socks, where you start the knitting from the toes up, it has been much more fun. For me, it is easier to make correctly fitting socks when I start from the toes. I can just frog a few lines to get the width just right.

My sewing projects tend to be more ambitious. I also mostly buy fabric when I know what I am going to do, while yarn can be bought just because it is pretty, without any idea what it will be used on. Sewing often feels faster than knitting, especially when the projects usually start with cutting and sewing the biggest pieces. The last phases tend to be about smaller details, which can make a lot bigger impact than their size would suggest.

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